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Casa Triacca team

Many hands, heads and refined palates are required to produce good wine. Staff in all sectors of the Fratelli Triacca business work according to our operating philosophy and contribute to its ongoing development. The head office in Valposchiavo underpins the operation. The team of specialists based there have just one goal in mind: to continue to serve our customers reliably according to established practices. Great effort and organizational efficiency in administration, logistics, sales, marketing and publicity are vital as well as intuition to respond appropriately to our customers' wishes.

Group tours and events at La Gatta estate are organized from our main offices in Switzerland and Italy.
We speak Italian and German fluently and French and English well. Above all, however, we communicate through the clear and most easily understood language of wine.


Giovanni Triacca Managing director
Fratelli Triacca SA
Luca Triacca Technical director
for all estates
Claudio Merlo Manager
Triacca Italy
Graziano Rossi Logistics and visits
Enrica Costa Administration and accounts
Olga Triacca Webmaster


Viticulture requires teamwork

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We appreciate both the recognition of our work as viticulturists—for four generations and in four regions of Italy—and your loyalty to our wines. The numerous honours we've been awarded confirm our winning hand as well as value for money, something we always strive for. Heartfelt thanks!


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Giovanni Triacca


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Giovanni Triacca


Luca Triacca


Claudio Merlo


Graziano Rossi


Enrica Costa


Olga Triacca