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The Family

Our independent company has been run by the family for four generations, since it was founded in 1897. The men and mothers who have contributed so consistently to our history nurtured the children and the business with increasing care to guarantee continuity and the value of the Triacca brand.

Today the company is in the safe hands of brothers Giovanni and Luca, members of the fourth generation. Luca is an oenologist, responsible for wine production; Giovanni manages the company and monitors the important Swiss market. Uncle Rino, still very much attached to the company as a member of the 'old guard', remains on hand to offer visitors to La Gatta his famous good natured welcome and passion.

For decades—until 2001 to be precise—Gino Triacca (father of Giovanni and Luca) lovingly built up and developed the family business: an indefatigable entrepreneur, innovative in his thinking and methods, commercially successful with enormous managerial ability.

Fratelli Triacca 1897

ziu geni Eugenio Triacca, 1902-1981

1897: our family business was established. Effort, consistency and a large measure of self-sacrifice are indispensable, as are our many loyal customers along the way.

madre e figli1st generation: Orsola Triacca, widowed, with her children Eugenio, Riccardo, Giovanni, Annetta and Domenico

2 generation2nd generation: Domenico, Eugenio, Riccardo, Giovanni Triacca

domenico gino3rd generation: Domenico e Gino Triacca

luca giovanni triacca4th generation: Luca e Giovanni Triacca

A Stammbaum Fratelli TriaccaThe Triacca Family Tree