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February 2014
Triacca Winery on TV 7Gold
Mauro Giacomo Bertolli presents the programme Settesera on Valtellina and the Triacca winery. Studio guest Luca Triacca. They discuss history, Nebbiolo, Sforzato but also painting... 

January 2014 - Cooking
Poschiavo's wine aristocrats 
by Andreas Keller and Susanne Scholl
«The 'gentlemen of the castle' Giovanni and Luca Triacca were cordial but reserved, as becomes true nobility. When we particularly liked a wine, they smiled modestly.»

November 2013 - Schweizerische Weinzeitung (Swiss wine journal)
New from Valtellina 
by Stefan Keller, André Kunz and Wolfram Meister
«The alpine wines of Valtellina are a niche product. Nonetheless, in Nebbiolo's second homeland there reigns an atmosphere of rebirth, with vineyard managers who know their stuff taking on the tough job of liberating Valtellina (both the wine and the appellation) from its slightly exclusive image.»

May 2013 -
Interview with Luca Triacca of the Triacca Winery
Mauro Giacomo Bertolli from interviews Luca Triacca at La Gatta estate in Bianzone (SO)

November 2013
1st Valtellina Wine Trail, towards La Gatta estate
A 44 km trail, from Tirano to Sondrio, among the wine cellars and vineyards of Valtellina along the Strada del Vino (wine trail).

January 2012 - Die Südostschweiz am Sonntag (South-West Switzerland on Sunday)
Nebbiolo's star turn 
Stefan Keller writes:
«There are only a few wines where the characteristics of a vintage are as clearly recognisable as with Nebbiolo.»
«Chili» Sunday supplement in south eastern Switzerland

November 2011 - Der Landbote newspaper
Bacchus drops anchor in Bürkliplatz
Alex Hoster at Expovina 2011 and his interview with Giovanni Triacca.



Vineyards & Wines

Giovanni Segantini [PDF]
Triacca «Kunst & Wein»

Sguardo verso il futuro [PDF]
The three wines Canale, Santa Perpetua and Sertola represent a new chapter in Valtellina.




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