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La Gatta Estate

Built in the distant 1500s, this Dominican convent was for years home to the aristocratic de Gatti family, from which the name derives, and subsequently it belonged to the Mascioni family. La Gatta estate has belonged to the Triacca family since 1969, which transformed it into a gathering place for the many connoisseurs of Valtellina wine.

A visit to La Gatta is not to be missed!

About twenty employees work under the technical supervision of Luca Triacca.


Our winery in Valtellina

Vineyard holding 40 hectares
of which: 13 ha La Gatta, 10 ha Valgella, 9 ha Sassella, 8 ha Tirano
• Nebbiolo 90%
• Pignola 6%
• Sauvignon blanc 3%
• Moscato Rosa 1%
Altitude of the vineyards between 300 and 500 masl
Cellar capacity 3,000 hL fermentation vessels
7,000 hL wooden barrels
5,000 hL warehouse
Annual production 3,500 hL


weingut la gattaLa Gatta Estate

The vineyard for Valtellina Superiore DOC/DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata - a guarantee of origin and quality of the wine on the label) comprises around 800 hectares of slopes on the Rhaetian side of Valtellina.
Nebbiolo is the dominant variety. From an average harvest of 600 g/m2, 4.5 million bottles are produced annually. Switzerland accounts for about an eighth of sales.


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The structure and colour of the foliage are important indicators of the fruit's quality

Terraces along the hill's contours, a pioneering achievement by the Triacca company
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Matured in small oak barrels

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