Means. All our wines are produced from our own vineyards. We carefully monitor every stage of production: from planting to ageing, from pruning to harvest, right through to the bottling of our wines. Guaranteed since 1897.
La Gatta Estate. Established 500 years ago in Valtellina. Dominican convent and shelter for pilgrims. Today it has become a place of pilgrimage for wine lovers. We create quality wines from the Nebbiolo grape variety, with a distinctive character that will stand the test of time.
La Madonnina Estate. This magnificent estate lies at the heart of the Chianti Classico appellation at an altitude of 350 metres. The vineyard, growing predominantly Sangiovese grapes, covers an area of 100 ha on the 345 ha estate. We also grow Canaiolo and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Santavenere Estate. In the splendid 33 ha Montepulciano vineyard, the typical Sangiovese variety is grown over an area of 28 ha. There is also room for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the white, Chardonnay variety.

triacca h 130

I buoni vini sono come i buoni amici.
Non sono mai abbastanza.

triacca h 130

Good wines are like good friends.
You can never have enough of them.


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Zürich, 30 October–13 November 2014

Concorso EXPOVINA 2014

expovina 2014 home

3 x ORO e 6 x ARGENTO

per i Vini Triacca:

un vantaggio per voi e un vantaggio per noi!

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Promozione autunnale

Prezzo speciale per 2 vini eccellenti:

san domenico 2002 SAN DOMENICO 2009
CHF 18.80 invece di 25.00
grape symbolgrape symbolgrape symbolgrape symbol
santavenere 2001 SANTAVENERE 2011
CHF 9.90 invece di 13.40
goldmedailleMEDAGLIA D'ORO

Offerta fino al 10 novembre 2014
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Prezzo di lancio

ontaneta 2011 ONTANETA 2011
CHF 23.50 invece di 28.00
silbermedailleMEDAGLIA D'ARGENTO

Offerta valida fino al 10 novembre 2014

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Vino Segantini 75 2010Giovanni Segantini wine

Cases of 6 bottles 
CHF 108.00
= Fr. 18.00 per bottle of 75 cl


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